Sound Design

Production Sound

Music Composition


I am a sound designer and production sound mixer with over ten years experience as an audio engineer, musician, and tour manager. Recent projects include sound design for three highly reviewed audio dramas for Audible, re-recording mixing for two Adult Swim specials, and various location sound mixing in the Baltimore/DC area.

As a music producer, I collaborated with some of Baltimore's breakthrough artists including Future Islands and Dan Deacon, with the Baltimore Sun describing me as "the city's best producer of indie-rock". As a sound reenforcement engineer, I spent several years working with Wham City Lights, creators of a smartphone app that used ultra high frequency audio to trigger interactive light shows. Clients included Disney Land, Cirque du Soleil, the NBA, and America's Got Talent.

I have a Bachelor of Music degree from SUNY Purchase College.

I am currently working as a local in NYC, Philadelphia, and everywhere in between.


Podcasts and Audio Drama

I have experience with all aspects of podcast and audio drama production and post production. This includes taping, dialogue editing, sound effects editing, recording foley, music composition, and mixing and mastering.

production sound

Location Sound

My professional grade location sound kit can record up to 5 wireless lavalier microphones plus a boom. I am based in NJ, and can work locally anywhere from NYC to Baltimore. Kit includes a Zoom F4 recorder, mics from Sennheiser, Sanken, Countryman, and Rode, and Lectrosonics wireless. For a full list click here.

Original Music

Having worked for many years as a music producer, my compositions feature rich arrangements and polished mixes. I can work in a wide range of styles, and I have a well rounded collection of software instruments and sample sets.

Trailers and Cinematics

Trailers require a blend of sound design, music composition, and dialogue editing. With my broad skillset, I can be the sole sound designer, editor, and composer for cinematic trailers. Please see my trailer work for Audible for examples.

mixing and mastering

Mixing and Mastering

I have 15 years of experience working with Pro Tools for music, podcasts, and film. I can mix in 7.1 surround and all mixes are C.A.L.M. Act compliant. I own numerous third-party plugins for mixing and mastering, including products from iZotope, SoundToys, Native Instruments, and Waves.

Audio Restoration

I am an expert user of iZotope RX. I work quickly and creatively to solve challenging audio issues.

binaural recording

Binauaral Recording

I have built my own high quality binaural microphone head, which includes a forehead mic for added richness and compatibility. Uses for binaural are varied, but field recording and audio drama are particularly immersive in this format.

remote vo kit

**NEW** Covid Remote VO Kit

This kit is available for jobs which require high quality recording but need to be self-recorded by the interviewee or talent. The DAW is operated remotely by me, and audio is recorded locally onto the tablet as well as remotely via CleanFeed.
The kit is a tablet computer and a Rode USB mic, plus accessories. I’m encouraging people to use their own headphones, but an unopened set of earbuds is included if needed.


Click here to download my rate card for location sound work.

For sound design or post-production jobs, please email me at for a quote.