Sound Design

Music Editing

Music Composition


Chester is a creative and versatile audio professional with over 15 years of experience. He has worked as a music editor, sound designer, production sound mixer, and music producer on a wide variety of projects – from narrative non-fiction podcasts to feature films to corporate and commercial shoots. His work has been featured on HBO, Netflix, AppleTV+, and Audible. He is proficient in a variety of audio editing and music production tools, including Pro Tools and iZotope RX.

Chester has worked closely with composer Dan Deacon for many years, having served in various roles including music editor, sideman, album producer, and tour manager.

As a podcast editor, Chester has worked for clients including Audible, Wondery, America's Test Kitchen, and Team Coco. He was the sole sound designer for The Sea in the Sky, which Audible named one of the top ten listens of 2020. He now works with Mumble Media, a worker-owned full service podcast production company focusing on immersive sound design for fiction podcasts.

Chester holds a Bachelor of Music degree from SUNY Purchase College.


Music Editing

As a music editor, Chester assists composers in creating the perfect score for their projects. He works closely with picture editors to ensure that the music is seamlessly integrated with the visuals. Chester is a detail-oriented editor who is always looking for ways to improve the music and make it more engaging for the audience.

Podcasts and Audio Drama

Chester has experience with all aspects of podcast and audio drama production and post production. This includes taping, dialogue editing, sound effects editing, recording foley, music composition, and mixing and mastering.

Original Music

Having worked for many years as a music producer, Chester's compositions feature rich arrangements and polished mixes. He can work in a wide range of styles, and has a well rounded collection of software instruments and sample sets.

mixing and mastering

Mixing and Mastering

Chester has 15 years of experience working with Pro Tools for music, podcasts, and film. He can mix in 7.1 surround and all mixes are C.A.L.M. Act compliant.

Audio Restoration

He is an expert user of iZotope RX. He works quickly and creatively to solve challenging audio issues.

binaural recording

Binauaral Recording

He built his own high quality binaural microphone head, which includes a forehead mic for added richness and compatibility. Uses for binaural are varied, but field recording and audio drama are particularly immersive in this format.